See everything you need to know about a customer all at once. See all their accounts. See their address, relationships, exposure, promises and more. Or see just the information you choose to see. CWX gives you complete control over the information you display, so you can set up the console for the way you work. And focus your efforts where they'll deliver the best results.

Get straight to work, faster! When you're talking to a customer, the last thing you want is to be fighting your technology. CWX is an easy-to-use system that works with you, not against. Easily navigate through allocated accounts. Set reminders and notes. View an account's full history. Track your goals. Automate common tasks. And more.

CWX works the way you do – giving you powerful, flexible tools to work your queue, highlight follow ups, and manage customer promises.

Give collectors and collection departments simple, easy-to-use tools and systems. They're happier. They do their job better. They recover more debt. Cash flow improves. Simple. It makes good business sense to choose a collection & receivables system that users love.

With built-in processes and procedures to help you identify and reward your best collectors, train or replace poor collectors, and bring new staff up to speed fast, CWX helps ensure your collections department is not only more productive and efficient, but more cost-effective as well. If the CEO calls, it's bonus time.

Ever collected a credit card debt from a private bank customer? Not fun. CWX lets you see all a customer's accounts and debts in a single view, so you can make recovery decisions on their true situation … and true value. You'll keep customers - and management - off your back.

Stay ahead of the game. CWX uses a powerful dashboard to give your business a valuable view of its debt situation – in real time. Measure collector activity, identify issues, answer ad hoc queries and improve flow before the monthly financials are due.

The right choice for schools, retailers, service organisations, community banks or other businesses with under 20,000 customers, less then 1,000 debts to collect and fewer than ten full-time collectors.

Ideal for telcos, utilities, debt collection agencies, banks, community banks and similar businesses with 20,000 to 500,000 customers, 1,000 to 10,000 debts to collect and up to 50 full-time collectors.

The ultimate option. Perfect for large enterprises providing loans, credit cards, post-paid phone services or advertising with over a million customers, over 10,000 debts to collect and a large formal team of 50 or more full-time collectors.

"I wasn't sure what to expect when we signed up for CWX. After two years I would say that we couldn't operate as effectively without CWX. It has enabled us to have full visibility across our accounts and team, as well as being able to easily transform our ideas into workable processes. Also the reporting module gives us full control over what we can report on, including last minute reports for senior management and productivity reports for line managers. Overall, CWX has made a tremendous contribution as we seek to improve the bottom line. I am definitely a fan of Rubik's CWX."
- Manager of Legal Recoveries , leading Australian telco
"We are a very experienced team of credit and collection professionals. The selection of CWX was a thorough process and we are happy to say that we made the right choice. The interfacing methodology is a perfect fit for how a collections business is actually run, plus the management console provides the ability to drill down and analyse our entire portfolio. I have a lot of confidence in CWX and the knowledge and experience of the Rubik team. I look forward to their future innovations."
- Head of Finance , major regional financing company
"We have recently entered the Asia market by acquiring a major regional bank. This bank had implemented CWX in a number of countries and regions over five years ago. We are impressed with the functionality, solidity and transparency of the application. Now, as we are finalising our regional operational strategy, we see value in upgrading our CWX collections platform to take advantage of the new features to further improve performance."
- Senior Manager , major regional bank

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